European partnership

Cultural Awareness in Odense DK


Coordinator: Istituto Professionale di Stato per i Servizi Sociali “S. De Lilla” Bari - Italy - Eleonore Orlando
Partner: Kocaeli ODTU, Mezunlari Dernegi - Izmit, Turkey - Orhan Tuncoz
IRES FVG – Institute for Economical and Social Research of Fvg - Udine – Italy - Carola Bregant
Partner: Odense Aftenskole, Odense Denmark - Jan Johansen

CAFEALL: Cultural Awareness Fosters European Adults’ Lifelong Learning
This Grundtvig partnership project is designed to raise awareness of cultural differences and similarities and
eventually to lay the groundwork for developing cross-cultural communicative competence
Target groups: Adult learners including learners with special needs, senior learners and learners at risk of social exclusion.
Thematic area: Key competences for lifelong learning-Cultural Awareness and Expression
Aims: -To motivate adult learners to lifelong learning -To increase knowledge about one’s own reality, territory, history
and cultural heritage -To exchange information with partners involved, in order to be aware of own and European culture.

The fundamental principle is that in order to comprehend and appreciate a different culture, one
must first have a conscious understanding and insight into one’s own culture
Methodologies: Collecting and sharing information by ICT technology, meetings between adult
learners and staff involved in the partnership.
Outcomes and products: Learning more about language, culture, arts and handcrafts, way of life
and social problems in the different regions involved in the project. Improving tolerance and
understanding. Increasing motivation to lifelong learning.Improvement ICT skills;

Date Activity
4-6/11 2008 1. meeting in Bari
Dec 08 - may 09 Project activities.
May 2009 Meeting in Izmit- Turkey
May - sept 09 Project activities.
3-7 oct. 09 Meeting in Odense- Denmark
sept 09 - feb 10 Project activities.
February 2010 Meeting in Trieste – Italy
feb - may 10 Project activities.
May 2010: Final Meeting Bari- Italy
may - jun 10 Final report